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Comic 291 - 194 - Double O Cheapo.

4th Feb 2022, 11:00 AM in Regular Strips
194 - Double O Cheapo.
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Author Notes:

MaGnUs 4th Feb 2022, 11:00 AM edit delete
A little explanation about how I could be so cheap as to steal some mustard dispensers... here in Uruguay there exists a chain of restaurants (originally beer halls) called La Pasiva, famous for their hot dogs and hungarian-style sausages. But, above all, their famous for their signature mustard. Among other things, it contains beer, and the recipee canbe found on the internet nowdays, but who knows if you'll end up with a similar product.

But that is *one* type of mustard... then, why am I stealing *four* different types? Well, in 1992, a new restaurant called La Mostaza opened, serving hot dogs and providing FOUR different mustard types. This restaurant was (not sure if it still is) property of Uruguayan businessman Edgardo Novick, who would later try to get elected president of the country and failed miserably.

According to urban legend, when Novick was opening his restaurant, he poached one of La Pasiva's cooks who knew the secret mustard's recipe. Probably wanting to be more than just a copy of the original place, he ordered him to create four variants. I recall they were called stuff like "American mustard", "German mustard", "French mustard", etc. It is entirely posible that, beyond the probable German origin of the original sauce, none of these mustards had much to do with the actual types named like that. Back in 1992, Uruguay was pretty much isolated from the international community, barely touched by globalization... McDonald's had just opened here two years prior.

La Mostaza is still there, in long-distance bus terminal and shopping mall Tres Cruces, but it never became a chain, and I don't know if they still use the four mustard variants, or their "original" clone.

Oh, yeah, I swiped that sauce-holder with the four mustards just because, because I thought it would be funny. I wasn't drunk or anything, I hadn't even had a single drop of booze... nowadays, I'm not proud of what I did, but it's funny that I did the deed while wearing a tuxedo. In any case, the sauces were put to good use, particularly in hot dog nights with my buddies (that came out wrong). My parents never questioned where the mustards had come from.

This time, music is from Daft Punk's (I almost wrote Kraftwerk) 1997 album Homework, the hit single Around The World. Not only that song played everywhere back then, it's also a fitting song for a high-flying sophisticated spy: