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Comic 133 - Second Anniversary Wersary!

9th Dec 2013, 11:00 PM in Other Guest/Filler Items
Second Anniversary Wersary!
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MaGnUs 9th Dec 2013, 11:00 PM edit delete
Today's our second anniversary! Two years ago, our first strip was posted, after some months of preparation, and around a year or more of planning. It wasn't just important for me, as an autobiographic strip, but because it would be GAS Comics' first periodical comic.

Since I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, I wanted to have ten of my "regenerations", as well as Mindy and Taibox, all wearing items of clothing as worn by each of the 12 Doctors so far (and of course, Peter Capaldi's Doctor on the cake). Due to time concerns, we had to take it down to just four of me, and I had to choose the references from my favorite Doctors... so it's me in my 30s with a 9th Doctor jacket (and my own purple t-shirt, which I like more since I realized it looks like one of his), me in my mid-teens wearing an 11th getup (I asked for the jacket, shirt, bowtie and hat, but Tai threw in the pants), 3-4 years old me wearing the 4th Doctor's scarf (and offering some jelly babies) and 10's "sandshoes"; and my 22 year old self was to wear the War Doctor's jacket and bandolier... but Tai went ahead and just gave me the whole outfit, even the gaiters.

If we have to go with a song, let's celebrate our second anniversary, and Doctor Who's 50th with this rendition of the show's theme song, by The Warp Zone: