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Comic Strip Jam, Calling Artists
by MaGnUs

Starting this Friday, and without any set regularity, there'll be an alternate strip called "My Life With A Jetpack", and we want you to collaborate if you'd like. How? Well, there'll be a starter strip which will end on a cliffhanger, so one of you will draw a continuation (as many panels you like, minimum of three)... but you'll not write any dialogues, I'll do it. Then after the second one, someone else will draw another continuation, and I'll script it, and so on. It'll be a game, like an "exquisite corpse" or comic jam. Interested? Post a comment on the strip this Friday (on the website, or on Facebook to be added to the list!


Launching On 9/12!
by MaGnUs

Greetings! Starting Friday 12/9, "My Life Without A Jetpack" will be updated weekly. It's a an autobiographical about my life (I'm MaGnUs, BTW), with art by Taibox. Mostly, it'll be funny (or it'll try), but not necessarily ha-ha funny. There'll even be some pretty pathetic moments where you'll laugh at me.

And to make sure it reaches the largest amount of people possible, it'll be published both in English (here) and Spanish (at the other site, "Mi Vida Sin Un Jetpack").